What's your story?

Watchword helps businesses articulate who they are and what they do to the people who matter most.

Your watchword is a rallying cry. It’s how you express your distinctiveness, culture, and purpose. We are watchword creators – brand strategists who craft the content that tells the world who you are.

Our brand specialists have been entrusted to name some of the most impactful products in world. Clients turn to us to listen and observe their who, what, how, and why – and then to transform those cornerstones into resonant, relevant messages. We never let our clients stop at commodity statements – we take the time to help you articulate your value.

That process begins with brand research. We produce intelligence that makes sense – and use – of your market, competitors and your most audiences.  And we’re writers at heart. Our content marketing specialists work across all digital, printed and verbal contexts to help your messages above the noise to rally your audiences to action.


Inherently useful content starts with a perfectly crafted brand. The building blocks often include a nomenclature and names, a set of strategic messages, and alignment with visual elements. We’ll help you articulate the core of your organization, offerings, and culture with branding that connects and tells a memorable story.


Rise above the cacophony and connect where it counts. We’ll help you craft content that is right for the audience and distribution channel. Fully considered content strategies make sure your assets work together and for you. Web content is interesting and useful on the front, optimized in the back and purposeful throughout


Demographic, competitive and market research customized with the right primary and secondary approaches. This is where we establish the foundation for relevant messaging and content that resonates.

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Rachelle Kuramoto

Rachelle Kuramoto

Principal, Founder

Hello! I'm a brand content strategist and market intelligence gal. (Put simply, I'm an info nerd who really likes to write.) And I'm lucky to have made a career out of applying those qualities to help companies uncover and articulate what makes their brand truly unique, important and sustainable.



If you’re not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist.

(Gary Vaynerchuk)


If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

(Henry Ford)


(Click on each box to learn a little about your new secret sauce.)

Website Content

Website Content

Web content works when it gets you found and engages the right audiences. We tell your story with intuitive navigation, strong keyword use in copy and code, and tight coordination with design that keeps your audience engaged.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Who is playing in your sandbox? More importantly, who has the best shovel? We’ll identify who they are, and rank them based on how they intersect with your brand.

Audience Profiling

Audience Profiling

Who are you selling to – and are they your ideal customers? We help you understand your targets, where they live in the funnel, and how you are most relevant and resonant to them.

Market Snapshot

Market Snapshot

People ultimately decide which brands win. You need to understand how the world impacts your brand. We’ll help you understand the size, nature and potential of your market.

Strategic Messaging

Strategic Messaging

The strategic messaging and company identity process makes sure that your brand is useful, relevant and connecting with your audience in the right places, at the right times.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Whether it is to educate, motivate, monetize or entertain, purposeful content has power. We help you transform your ideas and goals list into stories that grow your brand and engage your audience.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Albert Einstein


the brain of your brand story

How Strong is the Brain of Your Brand?

The brand you put into the world is part brain and part heart. This week, let’s dig around in the brain – the what, how, and whom questions that belong in formats like business plans, Linkedin profiles, and About Us pages.

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Build a Beloved Brand with Heart and Brain

emotion intelligence beloved brand messaging

Conversations about brand often focus on the visual elements. There’s good reason. A great logo and interesting color palette tell a story about you quickly and work on the psychological level to imply qualities of your organization. (More on that in another post.)

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watchword brand storytelling

This is What Great Brand Messaging Can Do

When we think about what great brand messaging can do, it comes down to one thing, really. It allows us to sing the same words – alone or in unison – even if the tune changes. Your story gains strength and becomes evergreen as you tell it and as others tell it on your behalf. Craft yours carefully.

Watchword Brand Strategy Questions

Are you who and where you want to be?

This may sound like a question from someone struggling with a mid-life crisis. It isn’t. (Though that’s a natural question to ask facing the back half of the hill). The question relates to your brand strategy. The answer reveals how well it represents you, your team and your efforts. 

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Watchword creates actionable brand strategy with the questioning mind of a scientist, the creative soul of a creative writer and the purposeful drive of a corporate executive. We work across all digital, printed and verbal contexts to help companies stand above the noise with authentic, relevant, interesting content. We are messaging specialists who make sure every stakeholder in your organization is singing from the same songbook.

We’re based in Atlanta, serving clients around the US. Drop us a line!

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