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Watchword is powerful intelligence and storytelling for brands.

We write content that helps businesses articulate what they do to the people who matter most.

Your watchword is a rallying cry. It’s how you express your uniqueness, your power, your culture and your purpose. We’re watchword creators – brand strategists who craft the stories that tell the world who you are.

It all starts with intelligence. No brand exists in a void. We perform research that illuminates your market, competitors and your most important audiences.

We are messaging specialists who help every stakeholder in your organization sing from the same songbook. Carefully and collaboratively, we guide you through every step in the process of getting to just the right words. We never let our clients stop at commodity statements. We help you understand and articulate your unique value.

Content marketing specialists, we work across all digital, printed and verbal contexts to make sure your messages become authentic, relevant, motivating watchwords. We create copy that tells stories and stands above the noise to rally your audiences to action.


Demographic, competitive and market research customized with the right primary and secondary approaches. This is where we establish the foundation for relevant messaging and content that resonates.


Inherently useful content starts with strategic messaging. We work with you to articulate what makes you rise above, then craft smart brand stories that people want to read, engage and share.


Rise above the digital cacophony. We design your web story, and fill it with content that is interesting and useful on the front, optimized in the back and purposeful throughout.

Your Go-To Gal

Rachelle Kuramoto

Rachelle Kuramoto

Principal, Founder

Hello! I'm a brand content strategist and market intelligence gal. (Put simply, I'm an info nerd who really likes to write.) And I'm lucky to have made a career out of applying those qualities to help companies uncover and articulate what makes their brand truly unique, important and sustainable.



If you’re not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist.

(Gary Vaynerchuk)


If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

(Henry Ford)


(Click on each box to learn a little about your new secret sauce.)

Website Content

Website Content

Web content works when it gets you found and engages the right audiences. We tell your story with intuitive navigation, strong keyword use in copy and code, and tight coordination with design that keeps your audience engaged.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Who is playing in your sandbox? More importantly, who has the best shovel? We’ll identify who they are, and rank them based on how they intersect with your brand.

Audience Profiling

Audience Profiling

Who are you selling to – and are they your ideal customers? We help you understand your targets, where they live in the funnel, and how you are most relevant and resonant to them.

Market Snapshot

Market Snapshot

People ultimately decide which brands win. You need to understand how the world impacts your brand. We’ll help you understand the size, nature and potential of your market.

Strategic Messaging

Strategic Messaging

The strategic messaging and company identity process makes sure that your brand is useful, relevant and connecting with your audience in the right places, at the right times.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Whether it is to educate, motivate, monetize or entertain, purposeful content has power. We help you transform your ideas and goals list into stories that grow your brand and engage your audience.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Albert Einstein


watchword brand storytelling

This is What Great Brand Messaging Can Do

When we think about what great brand messaging can do, it comes down to one thing, really. It allows us to sing the same words – alone or in unison – even if the tune changes. Your story gains strength and becomes evergreen as you tell it and as others tell it on your behalf. Craft yours carefully.

content strategy watchword brand

Content Strategy. The Beautiful Progeny of Letters and Numbers.

Everywhere you go online, content strategy ‘experts’ are making a lot of noise from their various corners of the web. They’re all singing a variation on a song that goes something like this.

SEO’s evolving, getting more complex

Google shifting algorithms, changing all the bets

Analytics point at bottom lines, but measurement’s a mess

Your content’s tied to all of it, so you’d better have the best

In content related professions (think writing, photography or graphic design), the devil in the craft has long been named Subjectivity. As algorithms and analytics add their filters, the devil has gained a new name. Results.

What a relief.

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Watchword Brand Strategy Questions

Are you who and where you want to be?

This may sound like a question from someone struggling with a mid-life crisis. It isn’t. (Though that’s a natural question to ask facing the back half of the hill). The question relates to your brand strategy. The answer reveals how well it represents you, your team and your efforts. 

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watchword atlanta brand development

The three ways your brand matures (and the part you might be missing)

Your company is a lot like your Self. (The capitalization is purposeful. We’re talking about your whole person here, body and soul in the world.) I’m going to oversimplify the analogy, but for the purpose of making a point about your brand, hang with me just a second.

Startups are like babies. They’re new, they demand attention 24×7, and even though they don’t have a ton of deep personality yet, they’re still really interesting.

Come a little farther on the journey, and you have your mid-sized companies – the teenagers. They have proven their ability to exist, they have some pocket money, a community and a sense of what to do with their life. While they are doing interesting things, they may not generate as much attention as the fresh faced babies.

And then you have your grownups. The Fortune XXX brands. They’ve been around the block and they know who they are. So do other people. They can tell people what to do and most of the time, people listen. They’re probably pretty flush. The babies and teenagers use them as examples when they’re dreaming and scheming.

As we mature as people, we work to control what others think of us, how we look, what we do, and who we are deep down inside. Your brand is no different. It matures from the outside, on the surface and – most importantly – from within. Let’s break it down.

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watchword brand delight

Have you ever been delighted by a brand?

Last weekend, my family went camping. We hiked around waterfalls all day Saturday, camped overnight waaay back in the woods and returned Sunday seriously in need of showers and naps. (Such is camping.) It was Father’s Day and the US Open (add Free Beer Delivery and it would have been the trifecta of male excellence), so the husband was happily parked in the den. The kids were wiped out from my slight over exuberance of the days prior, so they were glad to lay around. That left me to handle basic survival elements like laundry, tidying up and hitting the grocery. 

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professional content Watchword

Everybody can write.

Everybody can write. Just like everybody can tell a joke or dance. It’s just that some people do it more effectively than others. Some of us should keep our acts of dancing, joke telling and writing to pure self fulfillment. 

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Watchword Content Marketing

The Briefest Lesson in Content Marketing

Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left, so says Seth Godin. We are inclined to agree.

  • What’s your content strategy?
  • Do you have a calendar for channels, topics, keywords and audiences?
  • Who are your readers?
  • What do they like?
  • How are you helpful or interesting to them?
  • What do you need them to do?

How can we help you? Let us know.

Talk to me, Goose.

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Watchword creates actionable brand strategy with the questioning mind of a scientist, the creative soul of a creative writer and the purposeful drive of a corporate executive. We work across all digital, printed and verbal contexts to help companies stand above the noise with authentic, relevant, interesting content. We are messaging specialists who make sure every stakeholder in your organization is singing from the same songbook.

We’re based in Atlanta, serving clients around the US. Drop us a line!

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