the brain of your brand story

How Strong is the Brain of Your Brand?

The brand you put into the world is part brain and part heart. This week, let’s dig around in the brain – the what, how, and whom questions that belong in formats like business plans, Linkedin profiles, and About Us pages.

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Build a Beloved Brand with Heart and Brain

emotion intelligence beloved brand messaging

Conversations about brand often focus on the visual elements. There’s good reason. A great logo and interesting color palette tell a story about you quickly and work on the psychological level to imply qualities of your organization. (More on that in another post.)

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watchword brand storytelling

This is What Great Brand Messaging Can Do

When we think about what great brand messaging can do, it comes down to one thing, really. It allows us to sing the same words – alone or in unison – even if the tune changes. Your story gains strength and becomes evergreen as you tell it and as others tell it on your behalf. Craft yours carefully.

Watchword Brand Strategy Questions

Are you who and where you want to be?

This may sound like a question from someone struggling with a mid-life crisis. It isn’t. (Though that’s a natural question to ask facing the back half of the hill). The question relates to your brand strategy. The answer reveals how well it represents you, your team and your efforts. 

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