A high-performing brand identity is your constitution and flag.

Your constitution is your brand positioning, culture, beliefs, and language. Your flag is made of the the logo, colors, and images that illustrate that story. Together, they work to rally your people and inspire your audiences.

Watchword Brand is the firm to call for a creative, smart brand identity that tells the world who you are, why you are, and how you are better than the rest.

Stand Out

What we do


Craft a brand story and voice your stakeholders are proud to share.

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Our linguists and strategists will help you tell your story in a word.

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Visual Identity

Style a logo, colors, and typeface into a brand people love and remember.

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Turn innovative big ideas into storylines and formats that engage and inspire.

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Brand love happens like love between people – in the head and in the heart. And once someone loves your brand, they trust it, rely on it, and want to tell the world.



Microcorp is a Telecom Master Agency with more than three decades of industry leadership supporting agents and VARs. Facing opportunities for growth and a crowded marketplace, they determined the need to crystallize their brand presence. We led a complete evolution of their verbal and visual brand elements. The process was informed by secondary research of brand gaps, opportunities, and threats. With persona and competitive insights in place, we collaborated with the Microcorp team to create hard-working brand messaging and images that today communicate the company’s extraordinary reputation and culture with consistency and resonance across every medium.

We promise to listen carefully, communicate thoughtfully, respond consistently, and deliver absolutely.

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