Whether you’re naming a company or an offering, you’re conveying a world in a word.

As anyone who has ever named a child, pet, car (yes, that’s a thing), company, or offering (or anything else) can tell you, the process is deceptively tough. It might seem as simple as labeling. It’s not. A great name must be meaningful, protectable, reflective, memorable, visual, future-oriented (at least) if it’s going to work hard for you and last as long as your legacy.

Watchword is a team of brand specialists, linguists, word nerds, and researchers. We take a highly strategic and objective process to naming. Working closely with you, we cover every detail including brand discovery, name and nomenclature ideation, etymological and translation research, trademark and common use vetting – and a lot of heart and courage.

We’ve successfully named branding firms (Watchword is a rallying cry, just like your brand messaging), emerging technologies, nonprofits, consultancies, financial organizations, media entities, and more. It’s a process we love – and we’re good at it.

Let’s name your baby







Winmo, a prospecting tool from The List Inc., provides actionable sales intelligence for companies looking to connect with national advertisers and their agencies. As part of its business evolution, the company needed to generate naming, messaging, and visual identity that would comprise a scalable brand identity program. Based on the company’s specific business opportunity, we built a visionary direction for the new name, then employed practiced naming and brand exercises to zero in on the name Winmo (i.e., win more). With that core brand element in place, we finalized a complete, useful identity program.

Watchword Brand Naming Processes

There’s nothing more personal than a name, so we tailor every naming process. Each one begins with a single crucial question: do your people want to generate the name?

The answer to the question structures our approach. If it’s important that your stakeholders own the naming process and the selection, we act as ideation facilitators, researchers, and expert consultants. If you need objectivity and a list of options, we’ll handle the process from start to finish, providing you with a viable list of ideas and the thinking behind each.

  • Brand deep dives
  • Common use research
  • Etymology research
  • Facilitated ideation processes
  • Legal counsel preparation
  • List building
  • Name ‘disaster’ research
  • Name narratives
  • Naming best practices
  • Nomenclature
  • Technical filing descriptions
  • Trademark database vetting
  • Translation research
  • Types of names

We promise to listen carefully, communicate thoughtfully, respond consistently, and deliver absolutely.

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