The simplest way to accomplish content marketing alignment

content marketing alignment

You understand the benefits and needs for a strategic content marketing plan. You have worked on your audience personas. You have built a quarterly content calendar so you can strategize and structure your output. You even understand what “amplification” means. (Yay you!) Now the question is – what form(s) of content marketing will help you build awareness, connect, engage, and motivate your key audiences.

The simple answer – ‘any content marketing is good content marketing’ – is going to accomplish a few things. On the upside, it will put your voice into the world. On the questionable side, it’s going to get you to spend valuable time, brainpower, and budget. On the downside, as often as not, it’s going to seem like you’re yelling into the wind.

Unless, of course, you have started your strategy process with the consideration of alignment. That process begins with a few simple questions:

  • What are you trying to accomplish with your content?
  • Who are you striving to reach with each piece?
  • What do you want them to do next?

Each question has an answer that should line up with marketing, sales, and operational goals. For the first question – what are you trying to accomplish – think about your funnel. Are you building awareness? Building thought leadership? Building relationships? For the second question – who are you striving to reach – think about your audiences. Are they friendly? Ready? Part of your tribe? Totally unknown? And for the third – what do you want them to do next – think about your call to action. Perhaps you just want them to want to know you more. Or maybe you want them to rely on you. And chances are, you want them to share you with their friends.

You get the point. Not all content is equal. It’s got to be more than a collection of words and ideas. If you know what it needs to accomplish, then craft it to do that thing, you’re much more likely to see traction and success.

We put together this infographic to provide a simple and reliable way to answer those questions. We hope it’s helpful! As always, if you have questions or need help producing content that works hard and smart, get in touch. We’re here for ya.

Watchword produces intelligence-driven branding and content that works efficiently across many channels to help businesses articulate who they are and what they do to the people who matter most. We listen carefully, communicate thoughtfully, respond consistently, and deliver absolutely – that is our rally cry – our watchword. What’s yours? We’d love to hear your story.

Rachelle Kuramoto

Author Rachelle Kuramoto

Rachelle is Watchword Brand principal. She has worked as a brand and content strategist, writer, and market intelligence director for 20 years. She is an experienced and award-winning professional who balances creative and business acumen to support projects, primarily in the B2B sector. Her objective in every engagement is to articulate what makes the client distinctive and sustainable in their market and with the stakeholders who matter most. She'd love to hear your story. Grab some time and a listening ear at

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