Exciting Day! Watchword is Becoming Part of Dragon Army.

Dragon Army

Today, we’re proud and humbled to announce that Watchword is becoming part of Dragon Army. It’s part of a shared commitment to doing great work on behalf of our clients, community, and team members as a stronger, even more capable organization. This is the story of how it came to be.


Do you know the definition of watchword? It’s a rallying cry that keeps troops aligned. It’s born from purpose and it gains strength as it’s shared. 

Naming is one of the tasks we love to do most. So you have to believe that we were pretty intentional when we chose a name for our company that’s literally meant to align people through purpose. Our watchword has always been to listen carefully, communicate thoughtfully, respond consistently, and deliver absolutely. 

That translates into operating with generosity and intentionality as we do careful, smart work for clients seeking to articulate who they are and what they do, in the best way possible for the people who matter most. And would you know? It drove growth. 

Incredible, breathless, exhilarating growth.

What began only four years ago with me freelancing at the kitchen table, doing positioning, writing, and brand research has become a well-rounded group of specialized content producers. We’ve got the credibility of billions of words and images produced under our belts. And with our watchword as the north star and our core values as an operating system, we regularly donate our services through Watchword Gives.

Yet even with that passion, experience, and intent, we knew more was possible. And so… today marks an exciting next step.


We’ve joined the (Dragon) Army

It’s ironic and fitting that we’re sharing our name’s origin story with you here. Ironic because today, we’re saying farewell to this little branding house that has kept a roof over our busy minds for the past few years. Fitting because we are taking the next step into possibility with an agency that is — like us — unified by purpose, driven by intentionality, and committed to absolute excellence for their clients, community, and people.

When I first set out to create my BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) for Watchword, it’s that it would become the most well-respected firm in our space, sought out by wonderful clients and talented teammates. 

This newly expanded version of Dragon Army is that company. 

When you work hard to build something special, it takes something extra special to make you leap eagerly at the opportunity to let it go. 

So today, as we say farewell to Watchword, it’s with incredible excitement for what’s next. Along with our good friends from Sideways8, we join Dragon Army with a new rallying cry — a bigger one — to be stronger together so we can do even more for the clients we value so dearly, the community we love so deeply, and the team members we respect so entirely!

I encourage you to take a moment to check out Jeff Hilimire’s blog — he has a vision for the ‘best company in the world’ and I’m pretty sure he’s well on his way. Check out Adam Walker’s podcast post. (This guy has a heart as giant as the brain under his fancy hat.) And take a peek at all this bigger, stronger Dragon Army is positioned to do. 

We’d love nothing more than to build a rallying cry for you.


Rachelle Kuramoto

Author Rachelle Kuramoto

Rachelle is Watchword Brand principal. She has worked as a brand and content strategist, writer, and market intelligence director for 20 years. She is an experienced and award-winning professional who balances creative and business acumen to support projects, primarily in the B2B sector. Her objective in every engagement is to articulate what makes the client distinctive and sustainable in their market and with the stakeholders who matter most. She'd love to hear your story. Grab some time and a listening ear at rachelle@watchwordbrand.com.

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A stronger Dragon Army is here.

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