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It’s always fun when you have an interesting conversation with a lovely colleague who happens to also write for Forbes Magazine, and you offer insights that end up in one of her articles. On this particular occassion, we were talking about how to keep sales and marketing aligned during a rebrand. It’s a tricky time – exciting on many levels, worrisome on many levels, incredibly productive if done well.

We offer some thoughts about how, when and with whom to communicate to keep everything working smoothly for everyone involved – so the outcome is incredibly positive and profitable.

From the Forbes Magazine article, 7 Ways To Align Sales And Marketing Amidst A Rebrand:

The landscape for merger and acquisitions, and spin-off and divestiture is heating up in virtually every sector and that brings the brand to the forefront of many executives’ minds. Aligning sales and marketing and keep the customer at the center of the enterprise can be a challenge in static environments, but it is even more challenging in the midst of a rebrand when the very moniker to which you refer to the company and who employees work for is changing. Here is some practical advice on how to make sure your rebrand is leveraged for maximum growth and cooperative productivity.

Along with the fabulous Margaret Molloy of Siegel+Gale, we offer practical insights about key brand-level considerations including planning, people, communication, transparency, and relationships like remembering this:

Every person, whether they be a customer or employee, has both rational and emotional drivers of their work and branding is personal. If they resist the new brand and aren’t behind the message, they are not going to do their best work. In order to align early and often, everyone should have objectives tied to the successful roll-out and what it looks like for their function. If you have asked for input during the discovery and research phase, employees are more likely to see their feedback in the plans and alignment is easier.

Whether you are in the midst of a brand evolution or your 2019 planning involves a fundamental identity shift – or you’re just looking for an interesting, we’ll written read, check out the piece here.


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