No brand exists in a void. Market intelligence gives you context, roadmap, and a clear sense of direction.

Since helping blue chip companies find their place and audience in the Internet Wild West in the 1990’s, the Watchword Brand team has employed research inform brand positioning, answer business questions, guide go-to-market strategies, and craft content marketing that works.

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Trend research gives your brand a foothold in the context of now and next.

Trend research helps forward-thinking businesses identify the externalities that could stand in the way or pave the way to satisfying objectives. Learn where your brand can thrive or where you can position as a thought leader. Identify disruptions that will present opportunities and challenges. Trend research often begins as secondary work, and can inform primary research surveys and interviews.

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Competitive research identifies, explains, and ranks the others in your space.

Don’t battle shadow monsters. Competitive research identifies critical details about the players you know and uncovers others you should know. Whether you’re a disruptor or a legacy brand, you’re in a contest for clients. We’ll make sure you know who or what you’re up against.

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Audience research makes sure your brand language speaks to the people who matter most.

Brand content can be one of the most cost-effective ways to fuel marketing and sales – if it connects with the audiences that matter. Smart ideas deserve strategic delivery.

Audience research and persona building are the first steps toward success. The process begins with secondary insights. It informs surveys, interviews, audience journeys, content strategy, and ongoing brand measurement. This is how you match message to medium reliably.

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of all brands
Conduct audience research
(of any kind)
more likely
Leading brands do audience research
(at least quarterly)
of elite brands
Conduct audience research
(at least monthly)

Companies that perform research are 303% more likely to achieve their marketing goals at least 80% of the time.
How’s that for justifying the cause?2


Brand surveys uncover metrics and details that fuel story and strategy.

Go wide. Our experienced quantitative primary research specialists have decades of experience with survey design, implementation, and analysis. We work closely with you to pinpoint strategic objectives and the right questions then craft queries that prompt responses, engage the proper survey modalities, and transform intelligence into useful insights.

Quantitative research answers questions from a broad, statistically valid standpoint. Once in place, the survey process can be repeated to track and measure progress. Whether your organization is striving to extend the brand, be a voice of thought leadership, or put out proprietary content, this is a strategic cornerstone.

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Interviews, focus groups, and ideation sessions delve into the nuances that matter most.

Go deep. Our motto for qualitative primary research is to think like a journalist and act like a data junky. We take a distinctly personal methodology to one-to-one interviews, small discussion groups, and facilitated idea sessions. Your business objectives and brand narratives inform the questions. Your audiences shape the approach.

Qualitative primary research is a great way to vet brand assumptions and perception within crucial segments. It often produces the narratives that elevate you above the sameness in your marketplace.

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